What is the question vault?

I built the question vault becuase I’d got very annoyed with the lack of MCEM A questions available for me during my revision.  I got frustrated because questions were out of date, wrong, or didn’t have adequate explanations.   Most of the revision websites out there were for MRCP or MRCS, both of which were pertinent, but not 100% relevant to what I needed to know.

The questions vault supports MCEM and FRCA exam revision.

You log in (it’s free), and you get an allowance of 10 questions.  You run through questions in the normal way.  Once you’ve run out of credit, the only way to get access to more questions is to write them, or moderate other people’s questions.

Writing questions may feel a bit like a waste of time but its a much more effective revision tool, you have to have a better understanding of a topic to produce a decent question on it.

Access it by clicking on this link or on the side of the page.

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